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When designing your apartment building’s website you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Instead, you can use one of our beautiful building website templates that work perfectly out of the box.


Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 19th, 2020 | Updated June 19th, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents. 


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The template that beats all building website templates…

The technological needs of building owners and property managers are very specific.

A building’s website needs to be able to support the specific technological needs of multi-family or multi-unit property owners. Therefore, a simple theme with the image of an apartment within your header won’t cut it.

Your building’s website template will need to be able to do many things including:

– List available units within your property

– Allow current building tenants to login and pay rent or building fees online

– Allow building managers to mass email tenants

– Allow tenants to communicate with each other through in-site messaging

– Allow building management to post important notifications (i.e. upcoming construction, building events etc).

– Allow tenants to organize groups (i.e. weekly running group, reading group, chess club etc).

– Allow building owners to easily match their website design to their brands image through an easy drag and drop design interface.

– Allow building administrators to A/B test design elements to see which design decisions lead to the most conversions.

– Your building website template will also need to have built-in user permission and login redirect rules based on the “user type” of each website users. For example, building managers will have a different level of access to the website than tenant will.

The list can go on and on and on. However, as you see, a building website theme will need to be able to accomplish a very particular set of tasks that are specific to the building management industry.

So let’s take a look at how the Turf.Press system handles all of these requirements.


building website template


As a building owner or property manager, you need more than just a simple website template. You need an entire building management system. This means you not only need a website theme, but you also need all of the back-end components and plugins to support your website’s needs.

Let’s look at some of those back-end components now.


If you want to allow your residents to pay rent or building fees online, you’ll need some type of built-in payment system. The Turf.Press building website template comes with this feature built into the system. You can set the system up to accept one-time payments as well as recurring subscription payments.

building website template account


Your website will also need the ability to have a built-in messaging system. This system will allow your building managers to mass-email your residents with the click of a button. If tenant experience and community building are important to you, then you’ll also want your tenants to be able to message each other through your website as well. The Turf.Press system comes with built-in tenant-to-tenant messaging.


With Turf.Press, you can set your website up to allow residents to communicate with each other online through the use of our integrated social community.

This built-in community feature allows your residents to update their profile, post on their wall, interact with other tenants posts, as well as do things like join community groups. For instance, you might want to encourage your tenants to get to know each other by creating digital groups within your platform that people can join based on interest. For instance, you might want to include a chess club, running group or reading group. Your tenants can join these groups and then schedule real-world activities around their shared interest. For instance, every Sunday, members of your building’s running group may decide to meet and go for a run. From a building managers standpoint this helps ensure vacancy rates stay low by making your residents feel like they are part of a community. Turf.Press’s goal is not only build powerful front-end marketing features that help you find new tenants, but we also believe that technology can be used as a powerful tool to help you retain the tenants you currently have.

apartment website theme


Our building website template also comes with a built-in amenity booking system. You can setup your amenity booking system to allow your residents to reserve or book certain building amenities. You can set this up in different ways depending on your specific needs. For example, you could allow your residents to book a premium paid amenity such a massage service. Our system will them block out the times that your tenants have paid for. Alternatively, you could allow your tenants to book amenities for free. For example, you might have a meeting room or a party room you want your tenants to be able to book for free. Because there is limited availability of these amenities, you need to ensure that tenants don’t double-book these rooms. Therefore, the system can be setup to allow tenants to book amenities without having to pay for them.

building amenity booking system


The Turf.Press platform also comes with built-in maintenance request software. This built-in tool allows your tenants to book your maintenance crew directly through their building management app. Tenants simply submit a work request, and your building managers can easily manage all of the requests directly through your website’s admin area.


The entire Turf.Press building management software is built on WordPress. This ensures our admin back-end is intuitive as well as familiar to most people. Administrators who login to the system will have access to an entire suite of powerful tools designed to help them efficiently manage their building. Everything from website analytics, payments, content management and lead tracking are all built into the system.

condo website dashboard


If you’re in need of a building website template for your apartment building or condo, then I suggest you take a close look at Turf.Press to see if we meed your needs. The Turf.Press building WordPress theme and accompanying plugins give you everything you need to run your business online. View our demo or sign here here.




Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 19th, 2020 | Updated June 19th, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents.



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