The Best Apartment Building Website Theme

If you own or manage and apartment building, you need a website theme that can perform a very specific set of tasks. Let’s take a look at a theme designed specifically for building owners and managers.


Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 15th, 2020 | Updated June 15th, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents. 


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Your apartment building website theme needs to do a lot more than just make you look good. 

apartment building website

Every apartment building will benefit from having a strong online presence.

Most building managers and owners know that having a strong online presence helps ensure you keep your vacancy rates low. However, your building’s website can be used for so much more than simply listing properties.

That’s why at Turf.Press we don’t only offer a basic website package, we offer an entire building management system. The right building website theme will not only allow you to attract new tenants, but can also help you retain the ones you current have. You can watch the video below to view a quick demonstration of how the Turf.Press apartment building website theme works.


The Turf.Press apartment building website template comes with everything you need to create a beautiful online presence. Here is a short list of just some of the design and marketing features you’ll find within the platform.

– Drag and drop design interface

– Custom URL (

– Control over image / text / header / column placement

– Control over all branding (logos, colors, text etc)

– Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

– Email marketing software is build in

– Built-in A/B testing tools

– Amenity booking (paid / free)

– Popups, lead capture, drip emails

– Marketing automation

When we were creating our website theme for building owner and managers, we placed a heavy focus on creating a platform that would be easy to use for people with limited technical experience. To make design changes, all you need to do is drag and drop design assets from one area of the page to another. 

apartment building website theme


Previously, I mentioned that we wanted our building website theme to be as easy to use as possible. However, our mission was to make our platform easy to use without sacrificing power. For this reason, when you look under the hood of a Turf.Press website, you’ll uncover a whole host of powerful back-end. Let’s explore a few of those features now.

First, when your existing tenants login they will be redirected to a “tenants portal” page where they can accomplish many different tasks from paying their rent online to booking amenities. Here is an image of the tenant portal:

apartment website design

Once a tenant is logged into your system, there are many different things that they can do. For instance, if you have building fees that tenants need to pay on a monthly basis, your residents can simply login and set that up as a recurring monthly subscription. This saves both your tenants and property managers time, because the system handles payments for you (i.e. no more chasing people around for payments). Best of all, tenants only need to add their payment method once, and then the system will automatically re-bill them each month for the amount they owe.

Tenants can also do things like book building amenities. For example, imagine within your apartment building, you had a guest room which you allowed the friends and family of your tenants to book for short-term stays. You can set this up easily within the Turf.Press platform and then charge your guests directly through your website. You could simply add this product in the backend as a bookable product and then whip up a little front-end section that looks like this:

building website theme


Your building’s website will also need to have a built-in user control system. You’ll need to setup your website so that unregistered site visitors have a different access level than residents or building managers. These different access levels will grant different user types access to different parts of your website. For example, tenants will get access to the tenant portal, but they won’t have access to your admin dashboard. With the Turf.Press apartment building website theme, user control is pre-built into the platform. There are no plugins you need to modify. The proper user permissions are already setup for you.


At Turf.Press we wanted to design building management software that not only acted as a beautiful and powerful marketing tool that would help you attract new tenants to your property, but also help you retain the tenants you current have. For this reason, we built a community feature that allows your tenants to interact with each other. The community feature acts as a social network where your tenants can post updates, upload images and videos, interact with other tenants and even do things like organize or join events and groups. Here is an image of the social network that is part of your building’s website theme:

apartment website theme


Turf.Press is built on WordPress which means the admin interface and dashboard is easy to use and navigate. From your admin dashboard, you’ll be able to do everything from publish blog posts, add property listings, bulk-message tenants or issue invoices to name only a few examples.

Here is an example of how the back-end interface looks:

building website design dashboard


If you’re on the market for building management software, consider giving Turf.Press a try. You can view our website demo here and our building management app here.


Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 15th, 2020 | Updated June 15th, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents.



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