The Best Condo Website Theme (With Design Examples)

In this tutorial we’ll explore what a website theme for a condo needs to accomplish for the various user types that use this type of website (i.e. potential tenants, existing tenants and property managers).


Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 15th, 2020 | Updated June 15th, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents. 


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Your condo website theme needs to do a lot more than just make you look good. 

condo website theme example

Every industry has technological needs specific to their niche. If you own or manage a condo you need a website theme that meets both your front-end design and marketing standards, but you’ll also require a back-end that meets your building managers management needs as well as your tenants needs (i.e. online rent payments, the ability to communicate with other residents etc).

Very few condo website themes come with these features out of the box. However, at Turf.Press our condo website template was designed specifically for use by condo managers and owners. All of the features and plugins you’ll need to run a website for your condo, come built-into our system. Watch the video below to view a quick demonstration.


The Turf.Press condo website comes with powerful built-in front-end design and marketing features including:

– Easy drag and drop design interface

– Custom URL (

– Full control over styling and design asset placement

– Full control over all colors and text

– SEO optimized pages

– Built-in email marketing software

– Built-in A/B testing software

– Popups, lead capture, drip emails

– Marketing automation

Our condo website theme was designed so that people with limited technical capabilities could easily manage the platform. You can simply drag and drop design elements and change your condo website’s formatting options with the click of a button.

condo website design


What makes our condo website theme different from many other themes is that our condo website theme is not just beautiful on the outside, but it’s also powerful on the inside. Let’s look under the hood.

With Turf.Press you’ll get a back-end area where your tenants can do things like pay rent online or download past invoices. See the image below to view an example of how a tenant’s personalized account page will look.

condo website theme

The Turf.Press condo theme also comes bundled with a property listing feature that allows you to list your available units for rent or sale. Your theme will also have admin tools that allow you to communicate with your building’s residents. For example, the Turf.Press system comes with the ability for you to quickly and easily bulk-message your condo’s tenants.

Similarly, most residents will access your back-end through your condo’s app (not your website), so your communications tools need to be built into a mobile app as well. Again, most website themes don’t come with this functionality out of the box. Likewise, as a condo manager or owner, you’ll likely want a section within your website where tenants can view any upcoming events or join community groups. These features help you keep your residents engaged and help you reduce your vacancy rate by ensuring your residents feel like they are part of the community. Below you’ll see a sample image of a users profile page. Notice they can do things like comment on their wall, message their friends, post images or engage with other resident’s posts.

condo website theme user community


Your condo website will need to have user permissions for different user types with different website access levels. For example, non-tenants should have different permissions than tenants, property managers or condo owners. Again, all of this is pre-built into the Turf.Press platform. 

Using the Turf.Press condo website theme, user permissions are pre-built into the system out of the box. There is nothing you need to do. It’s already all been done for you.


You’ll likely also want a back-end section to your website where your tenants can interact like they would within a social network. Giving your residents access a community focused social network helps ensure they have the opportunity to interact with other residents. This could be something simple, like joining a reading or running group, or it could be something more complex, like registering for an event you’re holding within the condo. Again, the Turf.Press system comes with all of this built into your website.


Turf.Press is built on WordPress which means the admin interface and dashboard is easy to use and navigate. From your admin dashboard, you’ll be able to do everything from publish blog posts, add property listings, bulk-message tenants or issue invoices to name only a few examples. Here is an example of how the back-end interface looks:

condo website dashboard


If you’re on the market for a condo website theme, Turf.Press can help. Our condo management software comes filled to the brim with everything you need to get your condo’s presence online.


Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 15th, 2020 | Updated June 15th, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents.



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