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Want more traffic over to your real estate website? With Turf.Press you simply activate growth and we do the rest.  We use creative content types to drive more traffic and awareness to your online real estate web properties. 


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Real Estate Traffic Growth: Leads With The Click Of a Button.

We’re big believers in value marketing. By using stories as a growth lever, you’ll establish yourself as the “go-to” voice for local information and you’ll build valuable relationships at scale

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Improve Your Organic Search Ranking.

The content we create for you is designed to act as link magnets. The content provides incredible amounts of value, that bloggers and news sites in your industry naturally link to. Earning high quality backlinks is one of the most important ranking considerations in the eyes of Google. We therefore engineer your content from the ground up to earn links naturally over time

Social Content That Ties You Into a Broader Community

The content we create for you is designed to be social and interactive. This content is pre-planned in a way to increase the chances of sharing on social channels. For example, we’ll create interviews and roundup posts that not only plug into expertise of thought-leaders in your geographic region, but also expose your website to their large, built-in audiences. 

The Turf.Press Growth Stack

We use the following content types to drive traffic and awareness to your condo’s or building’s website.. 


Keep Them Engaged

Real Estate Expert Interviews. 

We reach out to non-competing influeners and experts in your niche and we conduct interviews with them that will be of value to your target audience. These interviews act as great content to share on social and naturally earn backlinks over time. We can then funnel the link equity these posts earn over to your more valuable commercial pages. 

– We do this for you!


Tell Interesting Stories

Citizen Influencer Roundups

Real estate influencer roundups are similar to interviews but include more people an are centered around one specific topic. We plug into the expertise of a large list of people and then we share these expert opinions with your target audience. Again, because this content is social, it tends to do well from a backlink and social sharing standpoint. . 

– We do this for you!


People Love Data

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Real Estate Data Focused Content

Creating data focused content is one of the best ways to earn high quality backlinks. News sites and authoritative bloggers often reference (and link to) the sites that are producing high quality data focused content. Therefore, we create content that is focused on data that is relevant to your target audience. This content helps push you up higher in organic search.  

– We do this for you! 


Connect To Businesses

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Local Business Interviews

We create content collaborations and interviews with local businesses in your community. This type of content will help you associate your name and brand with your community. The people we interview for you, will also be likely to refer you to their large networks of interested buyers, sellers or renters. 

– We do this for you! 


Improve Your SEO

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High Quality & Relevant Backlinks

At Turf.Press we’re big believers in link earning (rather than building). We have seen time and time again that high quality content is responsible for the lion’s share of a real estate website’s traffic. This content naturally earns links over time. We therefore focus our energies on creating an inventory of this type of content for you. 

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Content Distribution

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Content Distribution & Automation Training

Content not only needs to be created, it also needs to be distributed. If content is king, distribution is queen. At Turf.Press we teach you how to automate and streamline your content distribution process. We create systems for you that allow you to  schedule and repurpose the content that we create for you. 

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Real Estate Website Growth 

Our real estate website growth service costs $2400 / month. Included in this price are the services below:

– ⚡ $2400 / month ⚡
– 800 cold emails /  month
– Unlimited stories
– 4 Interview categories
– 1 new data post / month
– 20 – 80 round up posts
– Social promotion included
– Social repurposing included
– Social listening included
– Link building / earning included
– Content planning included
– Content production included
– SEO planning included



(180 connections / year!)




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