Resident MNG’T Mobile app FAQ

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Turf.Press. If you have a question that is no covered in our FAQ below, simply reach out to us.

How does your multi-unit website / app development process work?

If you’re looking for a multi-unit real estate website / app, you simply sign up for the package that best suits your needs and we get to work. We will have your android / iOS mobile app ready for you within three business days.

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Can you help me drive more organic traffic to my real estate website?

Growth is our passion. To learn more about how we can help you grow your real estate website and lower vacancies, check out this page here

Why do I need a mobile app if I have a website?

Mobile apps are much better than websites when it comes to engagement. Websites are great for “discovery” (i.e. having people find out about you for the first time), but they are not the best tool when it comes to community engagement. Apps exist in people’s pocket, so if you have important news or reminders you need to share, you can be sure that a user will get a notification immediately about your notice.

Mobile apps also allow for higher levels of community interaction and involvement. Allow your residents to join groups, chat about topics that are important to them. Users can also upload images of their experiences within the property. 

Essentially, a mobile app is a one stop shop for everything your residents need to make they life in your building, condo, co-op, or gated community more enjoyable.

At the same time, an app makes managing a building much more efficient and streamlined. Managers can send instant reminders to residents about any forms of payment required (fees, rent etc). Managers can also be post building rules (which follow residents around in their pocket) or any any other type of relevant content tenants need to know about. 

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How long will it take to get up and running?

The short answer is about 72 hours. The long answer is below:

Day 1: After your order you’ll be redirected to a page where we’ll ask you questions about your specific app needs. This helps us see which app features you need and which ones you don’t. After we understand your requirements, we plan out three days of work and create a shareable worksheet where you can track our progress. We begin building your mobile app on day one. We will focus on building the main app architecture on the first day. 

Day 2: During day two we continue to build your mobile app. During day two, we integrate all security and payment options into the app and focus more heavily on the technical and security details. 

Day 3: The first half of day three is spent perfecting the design and user experience (UX). The second half of the day is spent with Quality Assurance (QA) and app testing. Once the app has been thouroughly tested, you”ll be given a direct download link to the app. 

You can simply share the download link with your residents and immediately start tracking app usage and analytics! 


What types of companies do you work with?

We primarily work with the following companies:

– Condos
– Apartment units
– Real estate / building developers
– Co-ops
– Subsidized housing communities
– Gated communities
– Assisted living communities


How does pricing work?

We use a very simple pricing model (see pricing here). While most mobile app development companies charge $10,000 and up for the development of residential housing apps, our price is only $2,400 (one time fee). If you decide to host your app with us and take advantage of our ongoing support, then there is an additional fee of $69 / m.

Why are we much cheaper than other options?

We can offer our clients these prices because we focus exclusively on mobile app development for resident communities (buildings, condos, gated communities etc). The reality is that most the technological for these types of communities are pretty standard (i.e. book calendars, payment gateways, information portals, direct messaging, group communication etc). Therefore, we have built a basic framework which 80% of the functionality needed. We simply customize the framework based on your specific needs. This allows us to reduce costs dramatically because we’re not starting every build from scratch. Other development companies will build from scratch each time they take on a project and that will greatly increase your cost. 

What if I need a special feature?

Our programmers are very talented people. In the majority of cases we can accommodate special requests. Simply get in touch with us and tell us what you’re looking for. 

What about hosting and support

All of our plans include 14 days support. However, if you’re looking for unlimited support and hosting you’ll need to order our “premium” plan which includes both support and hosting for $69/m. 

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