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If you want to allow your apartment building or condo residents to submit work requests online, then you need maintenance request software built into your building’s website.

Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 22nd, 2020 | Updated June 22nd, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents. 


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Streamlining Your Building’s Work Orders With Maintenance Request Software. 

If you own or manage an apartment building or condo you’ll know how easy it is to get disorganized when it comes to maintenance requests.

Miscommunication or inefficient communication between the tenant, building manager and your maintenance team results in countless headaches and result in tenants feeling frustrated with your management team. For this reason, you need to build a smarter and more streamlined maintenance request workflow into your building management management system.

You can take a look at the maintenance request software solution we provide at Turf.Press below.

maintenance request software example


You can easily do with this the Turf.Press maintenance request software. Rather than having to hunt down their building manager or maintenance team, the tenants of your building can simply login to your building management software with their unique username and password, and then click on “submit maintenance request” or “submit work request”.


They will then be redirected to a page where they can outline the details of the request as well as upload any images or video that will help make your maintenance team’s life easier.

Giving tenants the ability to upload images of the problem helps ensure that your maintenance team doesn’t need to make multiple trips to the property to diagnose the problem.

Your maintenance crew can often identify the problem by examining the uploaded images or video and then show up properly equipped to fix the problem the first time.


Scheduling maintenance requests is also a time consuming and challenging process that traditionally involves a lot of back and forth communication and scheduling. However, with the Turf.Press system, your residents can simply login to their building management app to not only submit their work request, but also to book a time that fits with their schedule as well as the building managers and maintenance team’s schedule.


Our built-in maintenance request software is fully customizable. This means, that you can match your work request form to your brand’s identity. You can also full customize the form’s fields.


When you’re logged in as a site admin, you’ll be able to view an entire list of work requests. You can prioritize any urgent maintenance requests on this page. You can also remove or delete completed tasks from the list. This allows you to see which work requests are pending and which ones are complete.


When designing your work request page you can also allow your residents to select the priority of their work requests. Issues that are urgent or emergencies can be marked as high while less urgent issues can be marked as medium or low. In fact, you can use our built-in conditional logic to show different information based on which option is selected. For example, if a tenant marks their issue as an “emergency” you could show an emergency telephone number that they can call to get immediate help. However, if they select medium or low, this number will not show.


Using our built-in maintenance request form you can allow your tenants to select a category for their problem. For example, they could select from a predefined list of categories such as:

Wall Damage
Floor Damage

On top of the category your tenants select, they can also add any additional notes that help provide more detail to your building managers and maintenance teams. All of these settings are easily setup in the site’s backend (see below).

work request software


You can also set up another drop down box which allows tenants to select a location of their problem. For example, if they selected “plumbing” from the categories above, you’ll likely want to know more about which room they are having that plumbing problem in. Again, tenants can select from a list of predefined options (set by you). For example, they could select “kitchen” or “master bathroom”.


Using the Turf.Press maintenance request software you can also include a select box which allows your residents to select if they wish to grant your property management team access to their apartment while they are not there.

This is of course an optional section, but by having your tenants grant you automatic permission to enter their property, you can save a lot of time by not having to worry about scheduling.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one property management software solution, I encourage you to check out Turf.Press as an option. Our maintenance request software is one small feature within a much more robust and powerful platform. You can check out our demo here.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Written by Simon Alcott: Published June 22nd, 2020 | Updated June 22nd, 2020.

Simon Alcott is the driving force behind Turf.Press, a feisty technology company helping property owners and managers better connect to their residents.



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