Quickly & Affordably Build an App For Your Building or Condo

Launching an Android & iOS app for your building or condo is an easy as the click of a button.  Streamline your management processes and keep your residents happy with an all-in-one mobile app for anroid and ios devices. 


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“Everything you need to keep your building residents happy, connected and informed.”

– Turf.Press


Residence Management Mobile App Demo

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Built-in messages and mass push notifications. 

Events & Groups

Users can learn about and book events. 


Transactions take place over secure servers

100% Whitelable

No third party branding on your app.


credit card and subscription payments.

Incident Reports

Allow users to upload photos of incidents.

Building Rules

Residents can view rules and regulations.


Monitor downloads and app usage.

Pay Rent or Fees

Residents can pay their rent or building fees.

Ad Management

Sell ads to businesses in your area.

Area Maps

Users can interact with the larger community .

iOS & Android

Compatible with both Android & iOS devices.

Amenity Booking

Users can book amenities with ease.


Allow users to submit maintenance request.

Available Units

Advertise units for sale or rent to your tenants.

Hosting & Support

We can help you host your app. .

Building Management App: Easy As The Click Of a Button.

Having an Android / iOS app for your building or condo allows you to streamline many of your most manual or time consuming tasks. An app allows you to make efficient previously inefficient aspects of managing a community of residents. An app not only allows you to make better use of your time, it also allows your residents to make better use of theirs. Keep your residents engaged and informed with your building’s mobile app. 

Keep Residents Informed With Mobile Push Notifications.

Built in messenging and push notifications allows you to keep your residents updated and engaged. Push notifications allow you to ensure your residents are “in the know” about the latest management news, events and building programs. Messaging allows you to create a stronger community. 

Payments, Bookings, Events,  Reports & Communication

Your building management app will have everything you need to run manage your building in the digital world. Residents can send you payments (one-time or automatic recurring payments), pay rent, reserve amenities, book guest parking, RSVP for building events, communicate with other residents, submit incident reports, request apartment maintenance and much more. 

The Turf.Press Mobile App Stack

Your mobile app (compatible with both Android & iOS devices) comes packed to the brim with amazing features for both management teams and your residents. 


Keep Them Engaged

Built-in Messenging & Push Notifications

Mobile apps are much better than regular websites at keeping users engaged. Websites are great for “discovery”, but apps are much better for creating user engagement. Push notifications and built-in messaging allow you to keep your residents informed and updated about the news and topics that are most important to them.  

– Your app includes this feature!


Easy Amenity Booking

Amenity Booking & Parking Management

For many apartments and condos, managing amenity booking and dealing with parking management is an incredibly manual and time consuming process. However, there are also tasks that are easily automated. Allow your residents to book building amenities right through your app. This feature is totally customizable to meet your needs. 

– Your app includes this feature!


Build a Strong Community

notice and events

Notice / Event Boards For Admins & Residents

Residents love living in places that have a strong sense of community. Allow your management team to keep residents up to date about upcoming events in your building. Alternatively, you can setup the app to allow residents to organize events among themselves. Plan outings, courses, meetings or any other type of event you can imagine.

– Your app includes this feature! 


App That Makes You Money

in app payments

eCommerce Enabled / Pay Rent, Fees & More.

Your app will easily integrate with Stripe and Paypal. This allows you to seamlessly collect credit card and ACH payments. You can sell whatever you like through your app including merchandise, event tickets or pay for apartment / condo services. Your app also allows your users to pay for their maintenance fees and rent online.. 

– Your app includes this feature! 


Improve Resident Relations

incident complaint reports

Incident Reports & Maintenance Requests

Creating feedback loops and staying on top of your maintenance responsibilities is more easily facilitated through your mobile app. Users can take photos of any incidents they witness and upload them to the platform in real time for management to view. Your residents will also be able to to send you maintenance request.

– Your app includes this feature!


Connect With The Wider Community

residency maps

Neighborhood Maps & Things To Do

Building an app for your building will not only better connect your residents with each other, but it can also better connect your residents to your broader community. Within your app you can have a “places to see”, “things to do” or “where to eat” section that connects your residents to the wider community. 

– Your app includes this feature!


“Affordable   Pricing


 “Your App Will Be Ready In 3 Days.”
Get Your Building’s App For Only $69 / m

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Compatible with both Android & iOS.

hosting included

Website + App (3 Days) 

If you require an app as well as a mobile friendly desktop optimized website then this is the plan for you. 

– ⚡ Only $69 / Month ⚡
– Plus setup fee ($0 – $800) 
– Marketing automation tools
– A/B testing tools
– Built-in email marketing tools
– SEO ready
– eCommerce enabled
– Subscriptions & booking
– Reporting and analytics
– Groups & events
– Messaging
– Incident reports
– Maintenance requests
– Area maps
– Available unit listings
– 100% whitelabled
– Easy drag and drop design
– Updates included
– 24 / 7 Technical support
– Backups included
– Security included

– Hosting & unlimited support


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