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At Turf.Press, we not only help you get your apartment building or condo website off the ground, we also host your website on our powerful, secure and reliable hosting platform. There is nothing you need to setup. You simply activate your plan and your site will be hosted on our servers right away. 


“Fast, Reliable & Secure Hosting”


“We provide the perfect hosting environment for your apartment building or condo website.”

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Powerful Hosting.

Turf.Press customers have their websites put on hybrid VPS. (Virtual Private Servers), These are servers which are split into dedicated hosting environments, which closely mimic dedicated servers (but without the extra cost). Each VPS has it’s own operating system as well as allocation of resources (CPU, RAM, and disk space). 

Control Panel Access

All Turf.Press customers are given access to their own cPanel (Control Panel), where they can manage their website. Through your control panel you can do things like take site backups, create new email accounts (at no cost), and much more. . 

The Turf.Press Hosting Stack

Features our customers love.. 


Unlimited Email

Setup Custom Email Accounts. 

Simply login to your cPanel and setup as many email accounts as you need for your company. All email addresses will include your domain name. For example [email protected]

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Tell Interesting Stories

Turbo Boost Hosting is 20X Faster

Our Turbo Boost hosting option is 20x faster than most other VPS options on the market today. This option uses less memory than Apache hosts resulting in increased performance. 

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People Love Data

notice and events

Admin Control Through cPanel

You have full control over your hosting environment through your cPanel access. Control backups, databases, email, cron jobs, phpmyadmin, dns settings and much more.

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