What’s The Value Of  SEO For Your 
Multi-Family Website?

Have you ever wondered what the cost savings of a first page ranking on Google would be for your multi-family real estate website. How much would you save on paid ads and how much traffic could you expect if you ranked in the #1 position of your desired keywords? Use the calculator below to find out. 

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You might be wondering how this calculator works. It works by calculating an estimated traffic amount based on your search ranking. The calculator then simply multiplies that traffic amount by the average cost / click to determine how much the equivelant amount of paid traffic would cost. This helps you establish what the estimated monthly ad spend savings youd experience would be if you ranked high in organic search. 

How do ranking Percentages work?

On average, the first position in Google receives about 33% of the traffic for any given keyword. Here are rough estimates of traffic share break-down based on organic position. 

1st position: 33%
2nd position: 18%
3rd position: 11%
4th position: 8%
5th position: 6%
6th to 10th position: 3%

Now that you understand how our SEO value calculator works, start playing around ?.

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