Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategy: Get Feisty For $0.75 Leads

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Turf.Press is a real estate marketing agency is an obsessive focus on ROI. ⚡ Reach out to us today if you need help with your real estate SEO, PPC or content marketing campaigns.


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Feisty & Creative Ways to Reduce Your Real Estate Cost / Lead.

At Turf.Press we’re always looking for more affordable ways to acquire real estate leads. With one of the paid campaigns we’re running right now, we’re acquiring leads on Facebook for around $2.26 for our cold traffic campaign and $0.95 for our warm traffic campaign.

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In this video and corresponding blog post I want to show you feisty ways that you can reduce your real estate lead cost even further.

1. Capture awareness on Expensive Channels (Where Buying Intent is Explicitly Expressed)

Essentially what we aim to do is invest in acquiring high buying intent awareness on expensive channels (like Google Ads) and then retarget that traffic on more affordable channels (like Facebook Ads). Let’s start off by talking about expensive awareness acquisition. 

Google Organic

Google has been responsible for providing the biggest real estate lead generation opportunities for our real estate clients. Google is a unique platform because we’re able to create content optimized to show up for high buying intent keywords.

SEO should be a cornerstone of your online marketing campaign. Ranking high in organic search can have a transformative effect on your company (and your life).

However, it’s not a marketing channel for real estate professionals with the patience of a gnat. It’s a marketing channel that takes time to bear fruit. It’s often and expensive and time consuming process to rank on the first page of Google, but in our experience it’s well worth the investment.

For example, our real estate marketing agency generates 80% of our leads through our SEO and content marketing efforts. 

However, because people can express intent when searching on Google, you can capitalize on that by producing high-end content to satisfy those search queries. Now of course, you’ll capture leads and close sales this way. However, if you’re not running retargeting campaigns to follow your pixeled audience around, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Google Ads

Another way to capture awareness on Google is through Google Ads. Now mind you, Google ads can be expensive in the real estate niche. To lower our costs, we often use SKAGs to help us deliver only the most relevant ads to our audience, but even campaigns with high CTRs and ad relevance scores can still be expensive.

What hurts the most is having those site visitors not convert into a lead. However, using the strategy I’m about to outline below, we can pixel those site visitors and then retarget them later on over on more affordable channels, like Facebook for example.

2. Real Estate Landing Page Design & CRO

The next step of this process involves optimizing your landing pages (or property IDX pages) to convert a higher percentage of website visitors into leads. Properly optimizing your bottom of the funnel landing pages will have the quickest and biggest impact on the growth of your real estate company.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) allows you to improve your conversion rate, which will in turn improve your “value / visitor” metric, which will in turn allows you to access previously off-limit advertising opportunities. 

For example, a low CR might have made it impossible for you to justify spending a competitive bid amount on Google or Facebook. This will result in the under-performance, a negative ROI or the inability to bid on high value keywords (or target high value audiences). 

For this process we use the theory of constraints model to help us identify and open up bottlenecks.

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3. Facebook Ads

Now that you have acquired high buying intent awareness on your site (through Google organic search and paid ads), as well as optimized your landing pages, it’s now time to retarget that audience over on more affordable channels like Facebook.

The unique angle here is that, for the most part, you can’t target based on “buying intent” on more affordable marketing channels like Facebook.

Instead, Facebook allows you to target based on targeting filters like demographics, life events or interests.

Therefore, many real estate companies are playing a game of probability on those channels. For example, targeting someone who recently had a child might be an opportunity to show new family homes. However, at the end of the day you’re still playing a game of probability.

With Google on the other hand, you’re playing an entirely different game. On Google you’re targeting buying intent (which is much more valuable traffic).

However, by pixeling the audience that expressed buying intent on expensive awareness channels like Google, you can then setup retargeting campaigns to target the users who showed buying intent on channels that don’t let you natively target buying intent.

We’ve found this strategy works wonders and allows our real estate clients to maximize their Google Ad spend by building highly qualified warm audience pools to remarket to later on. 


Thank you for taking the time to stop by Turf.Press today. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you scale your real estate website, then visit our homepage or reach out to us today to organize a free 45 minute strategy session. 

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Written by Turf.Press

Turf.Press is a real estate marketing agency is an obsessive focus on ROI. ⚡ Reach out to us today if you need help with your real estate SEO, PPC or content marketing campaigns.


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