5 Best Real Estate Marketing Strategies For 2021

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Hyper-Accelerate Growth With These 5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies.

As a real estate marketing agency, we spend a considerable amount of time each day testing and studying various real estate marketing strategies. Our goal is to find out which strategies gain traction, and which ones don’t.

In the video below I wanted to feature a handful of the real estate marketing strategies that we us to help scale our client’s websites. I think you’ll find this list helpful. Enjoy!

1. Build Your Real Estate Video Inventory Fast

We’ve had a lot of success with real estate video marketing. Video can be a huge driver of organic growth, yet it’s still an under-used marketing tool within most real estate agent’s growth toolbox.

Video marketing is something we like to double down on early on. There are many benefits to using video to promote your real estate company. However, two of the biggest benefits will come in the form of:

1. Faster keyword rankings.
2. Better on-page engagement metrics for your real estate pages that have video embedded on them (i.e. city / neighborhood pages and individual listing pages).

The result will be higher rankings and a constant drip of new leads coming in each day.

The biggest YouTube channel that we grew, we managed to scale to 80,000+ subscribers and over 1M video views. This of course takes time, but the payout can be huge.

You should be investing in your real estate video inventory early on, so in a few months time your content will be ranking favorably and driving you new website traffic each day.

Here is a case study of a YouTube channel we recently grew to over 7000 views / month in only 4 months. We started this channel for a client from ZERO and we’re now averaging about 300 video views / day.

real estate marketing strategies videos

2. Exploit Social Listening

Another affordable way to target cheap and laser targeted awareness is through the use of social listening tools.

These tools allow you to spy on relevant conversations taking place online within your area of expertise. All you need to do in order to make a social listening campaign work is study the naming conventions that potential leads use when having conversations online.

For example, someone might post something like:

“Hi everyone, my girlfriend and I are looking for a 2 bedroom near Yorkville. Anyone know of any good places for under $5000 / month?”

Next, what you need to do is setup your social listening tools to monitor online communities for these types of conversations. You simply type in the key phrases you want to monitor, and the software will send you a notification anytime it finds someone looking for real estate recommendations online.

At Turf.Press, we use Awario for web, twitter and reddit leads and we use Groouply for Facebook group leads.

real estate marketing strategies social listening

3. Exploit Cheap Paid Awareness

Most of the real estate clients within our client roster run their PPC ads through our agency. They do this, because we’re known to be the agency of choice for exploiting attention arbitrage opportunities.

These opportunities not only exists within organic search, but also within paid search channels. Ideally we like to use a hybrid organic / paid approach were we retargeting attention we’ve acquired on expensive channels (like Google Ads) and then retarget that audience on more affordable channels (Like Facebook Ads).

Generally speaking, when targeting warm audiences, your cost / lead will be dramatically reduced. That said, even if you don’t have a large warm audience to market to yet, you can still find creative ways to test PPC campaigns to acquire leads at a cost that is FAR less than the actual value of the lead.

For example, here is an ad we’re currently running to cold audiences on Facebook and we’re able to acquire leads for just over $2.

Real estate Facebook Ads

However, this often requires a lot of experimentation and testing to get the PPC campaign optimized. In the example above, it took us 6 campaign experiments before we found our winner.

4. Build Up Your Warm Audience Pool

As I mentioned above, warm audience are were you’ll find your highest ROI. That said, some real estate companies don’t have a big enough warm audience pool to engage in retargeting campaigns.

Therefore, if you don’t want to run campaigns to cold audiences, you need to find creative ways to build up your warm audience pool.

At Turf.Press we engage in feisty, in-the trenches grunt work in order to build up these warm audience pools. Here are 5 real estate marketing ideas that we use to warm up audiences and drive awareness to our client’s site. However, keep in mind that this process is not easy or fast. That said, it can result in many high impact marketing wins.

For example, we were recently trying to warm up cold audiences on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We were testing many different lead magnets, but once we found one that hit we build up a warm audience pool of thousands of people really quickly.

Here is an example of one post we published where we managed to gain an organic reach of over 10,000 feed views and over 100 leads just from one single post!

real estate marketing strategies

5. Double Down on Content Marketing

This leads me to my last point, and that’s that you should be doubling down on your real estate content marketing efforts.

SEO and content marketing are the biggest drivers of growth for our own agency as well as our client sites. At Turf.Press we generate over 80% of our own leads through content marketing.

If you’re not engaged in an aggressive content marketing campaign, you’re leaving money on the table.

At Turf.Press we consider ourselves masters of content marketing and organic growth. We recently took a project from 6000 page views / month to over 168,000 page views / month in only 6 months.

real estate content marketing and distribution

However, this isn’t a growth channel for real estate agents or investors who have the patience of a gnat. Content marketing takes time to bear fruit. You’ll often see 3 – 16 month delays between input (content production) and output (high organic ranking).

That said, if you do have patience, this can be a growth channel that could potentially entirely transform your company.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by Turf.Press today. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you scale your real estate website, then visit our homepage or reach out to us today to organize a free 45 minute strategy session.

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Written by Turf.Press

Turf.Press is a real estate marketing agency is an obsessive focus on ROI. ⚡ Reach out to us today if you need help with your real estate SEO, PPC or content marketing campaigns.


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