Multi-Family Real Estate Vacancy Rate Calculator

Calculate the vacancy rate of you multi-family real estate property. Use the calculator below to determine what impact small changes in vacancy rates have on your monthly and yearly bottom line.


The Turf.Press vacancy rate calculator was designed to allow landlords and building managers to quickly and easily figure out their apartment building or condo’s tenant vacancy rate.


Begin by entering the number of units you have into the first field on the calculator above. Next, enter the number of vacant properties you have in the next field. Below those fields, enter your average monthly rent.

Once you enter that information, the calculator will automatically calculate how much your average monthly and yearly potential rent is. The calculator will then show you your economic vacancy cost. This number is calculated on both a monthly and yearly basis, and shows you a dollar value that represents how much you lose each month or year based on your vacancy rate.

Below this section of the calculator, there is a section titled “desired vacancy rate”. Here you can experiment with different vacancy rates to see what impact those vacancy rates would have on your economics vacancy cost.

We hope you find our vacancy rate calculator valuable! If you’ve enjoyed this calculator, you might also enjoy our tenant acquisition cost calculator.

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This calculator helps real estate professionals see the true impact that vacancy has on their bottom line. Using this calculator, you’ll be able to see what impact small changes in vacancy rates have on your bottom line. 

Using this calculator, you’ll also be able to see the monthly and yearly economic cost of vacancy. 

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