Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents: 10 + Winning Examples

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How to Convert Video Views to Real Estate Leads on the cheap?

Video marketing for real estate agents can be the source of a huge volume of leads. Using video, real estate agents will generally experience many benefits over other growth channels including lower CPC (cost / click), CPV (cost per view), as well as an abundance of fast organic reach opportunities.

Watch the video below to learn more about our video marketing strategies for our real estate clients.

Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents

At Turf.Press, our real estate marketing agency, we encourage our clients to double down on adding as much high value video content to their inventory as possible early in their marketing campaign.

The reason we encourage real estate agents to produce video content (and a lot of it), is because the real estate industry is highly competitive and real estate agents need to find creative ways to capture attention without breaking the bank.

Ranking in organic search is 100% necessary. However, ranking your SEO optimized real estate listing pages in organic search can take time. A recent study by Ahrefs showed that the average age of a website on the first page of Google is over 2 years old and the average of a page in the #1 position is over 3 years old.

As a side note, at Turf.Press, we’re normally MUCH quicker at ranking real estate websites. That said, it’s not an overnight process. Not even for us. Recently we scaled a website from 6000 page views to 160,000 page views / month in only 6 months. But this required all of our focus and time. It’s NOT easy.

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But whether you’re ranking your site within 6 months or 3 years, you need to drive awareness to your real estate website today. So what are your options?

At Turf.Press we engage in real estate video marketing strategies to drive early awareness while we’re waiting for our real estate SEO efforts to pay off.

One of the huge upsides to video marketing is that it’s a MUCH less competitive space. In fact, in many geographic regions, the real estate video market is still wide open.

We’ve found time and time again, that it’s much easier and faster to grow organically on YouTube than it is to grow organically within Google search.

For example, here is a case study where we scaled a YouTube channel from ZERO to over 7000 video views / month in only 4 months.

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YouTube Traffic Converts

Generally speaking, you’ll be able to drive somewhere from 5% to 10% of your video traffic over to your website.

This might not seem like a lot, but in our experience, YouTube traffic converts better than most other traffic sources. I believe that this is because people already have the feeling that they “know” you. They have seen and heard you in your YouTube videos and therefore you have developed a level of trust with these people that you haven’t yet established with your audiences from other channels.

Notice below, our Google organic traffic converts into leads at around a 2% conversion rate (CR). Our YouTube traffic on the other hand, once they make it over to our site, convert at around 25%. This difference is massive. 

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Create Real Estate Video Content Around Buying Intent

In order to ensure your real estate video marketing ideas work, you need to have a solid understanding of your marketing goals.

In general, we find it’s better to focus on the production of bottom of the funnel video content first. This is the type of content that will drive more real estate leads and sales and help you fund future growth efforts. 

While search volumes will tend to be lower for keywords targeting bottom of the funnel (BOFU) content, the value of each view will be much higher than if you were producing top of the funnel (TOFU) video content. For this reason, we often focus first on BOFU content for our clients.

Below you’ll find some real estate topic ideas for your next round of videos. 

YouTube video marketing for real estate agents

Real Estate Video Marketing Examples

Okay, now let’s look at some example of some of the best real estate video marketing campaigns out there. First, let’s look at neighborhood videos.

These videos can help you capture attention from people who are still in the discovery phase of the buying cycle, but these videos can also drive considerable awareness to your channel as well. These are also great videos to embed into your website on your SEO optimized neighborhood or city pages to help improve your page’s engagement metrics. 

real estate video marketing examples

Next, let’s look at educational videos.

In this group, we’ve found that videos targeting price ranges in certain cities or neighborhoods to be a strong source of new leads. For example, “what you get for $X in ___city / neighborhood name____”.

real estate video marketing educational videos

Lastly, let’s look at property tour videos.

One video marketing strategy we’ve seen work wonders for real estate agents is the “property tour” video format. There are two strategies we’ve seen work well with this category of video content.

First, you can show property tours for realistic properties in your target geographic region (i.e. property tour of a $350,000 condo, or a property tour of a $2500 / month rental). These videos will result in better buying intent viewers.

However, the production of “view bait” content can also work really well. View bait content is content that many viewers simply find irresistible.

For example, virtual tours of multi-million dollar homes tend to perform really well on YouTube.

The downside to this type of content is that there is very little buying intent within this audience. Most people watch this content purely out of curiosity.

However, this content can help your channel perform better by telling YouTube’s algorithm that people love your content. What we see time and time again is that once your TOFU content starts to do better, your BOFU content will quickly start to gain more attention as well.

Here are a few examples of this type of content. Notice the view count on these real estate digital tour videos. All of these examples have view counts of over 100,000. The last example is the list is pushing 1M! 

real estate agent video marketing examples

9 Benefits of Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

As you can see above, many of the video marketing campaigns that these real estate agents are running are often producing hundreds of thousands of views.

For this reason, at our real estate marketing agency, we often double down on video for our clients for the following 9 reasons.

1. Real estate videos are harder to produce & therefore less competitive.
2. It’s easier to rank content on YouTube than it is on Google.
3. Lower Cost Per View: CPV usually around $0.05 – $0.50
4. Video has a great Conversion Rate (CR).
5. There are still attention arbitrage opportunities to be had in the world of video marketing.
6. Your target audience gets to know you better through video.
7. Paid video campaigns allow for hyper-targeted real estate ad placements.
8. PPC (keyword targeting, channel targeting and video targeting).
9. Speed up channel growth with paid ads.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by Turf.Press today. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you scale your real estate website, then visit our homepage or reach out to us today to organize a free 45 minute strategy session.

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Written by Turf.Press

Turf.Press is a real estate marketing agency is an obsessive focus on ROI. ⚡ Reach out to us today if you need help with your real estate SEO, PPC or content marketing campaigns.


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