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If you’re moving your old website over to the Turf.Press platform we can help you with the migration process. In the majority of cases, site migration is not difficult or time consuming. With our site migration service, you simply activateyour account, and we’ll begin the migration process. 


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Move Your Old Content

The idea of having to migrate your old content to a new server is a stressful thought for most multi-family entrepreneurs. However, with Turf.Press, we make the website migration process fast, affordable and stress-free. In the majority of cases, migration simply means copying and pasting content from an old server into a new one. Our team can do this for you. . 

Free Migration

When you sign up as a Turf.Press client, we will migrate 10 pages of your old content into your new system for Free. If you require more migration than this (including property listing migration), we can help you with that as well for as little as $5 / hour

The Turf.Press Migration Stack

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Migrate Content From The Old To The New

You’ll likely want your website’s core pages (home, about, contact, services etc) migrated to your new Turf.Press website. We can do that for for you free. 

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Tell Interesting Stories

Vacant Listings & Property Listings

If you need help migrating your old property listing pages to your new server, our team of VA’s can do this for you, by copying your old content and pasting it within your new site. 

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People Love Data

notice and events

Custom Site Migration Solutions

Some multi-family entrepreneurs have unique migration needs. For example, they could be moving from a non WordPress website to a WordPress website. We can help with this as well. 

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A mobile friendly multi-unit / building website with built-in marketing automation for property owners and managers. Designed from the ground up to help you sell or rent more units, delight website visitors and better engage your residents.

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A mobile friendly multi-unit / building app.


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